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Marcello Marchesini

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Marchesini Marcello Az. Agr.
Marchesini Winery is a small family-company, nestled in Lazise, in the heart of the Bardolino Classic wine area.

At beginning of 1950's, Plinio Marchesini, a farmers son with a great passion for the land, farming and in particular the vines, started to produce a small amount of wine to enjoy with his friends. The great dedication, determination and love that he put into this new passion, in a short space of time brought a new business of producing and the start of a detailed trade in the Veronese area. The huge predisposition to satisfy his clients, offering a door to door service gave him the opportunity to make his products known and appreciated in the whole of the North of Italy. The importance of keeping a genuine and very high quality wine was passed on to Plinio's son Marcello, who slowly started to be his fathers right hand man from the 1990's in order to learn, follow and enlarge the family's activity.
Over the years the business has extended it's brand on most of the national and international territory. Over the years the company has constantly updated its wine-making systems making sure it keeps pace with the times, new technologies and machinery.

A selection is made from the 1500 hectoliters of the annual production and a selection is made in the best tanks. 50 % remains in the family run business and is destined to be bottled, the remainder however, is marked in bulk.

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: 8.30 / 12.00 - 14.30 / 19.00
Sunday Closed

Our wines
- Bardolino DOP Classico;
- Bardolino Chiaretto DOP Classico;
- Bardolino Chiaretto DOP Spumante;
- I Santi Chardonnay IGT Veneto;
- EriGiĆ² Passito Bianco IGT;
- San Fermo IGT Veneto.